FaceTripper Fun Effects That Follow Your Face

UPDATE NOV 2013: Facetripper is being removed from the App Store for future purchases. Thanks to everyone who supported the development of this fun project. As of this date, The built-in Photo Booth App provides many of the same filters and a better user experience. Thanks again!

Take Photobooth-style fun to the next level! FaceTripper is a new Mac App that gives you fun effects that automatically follow your face. Want to see all your friends wearing mustaches? How about inflating your ego with a big brain? With FaceTripper, you got it!

FaceTripper Squeaky Image FaceTripper Bug Eye Image FaceTripper Swirly Image FaceTripper Master Mind Image FaceTripper Squeaky Image FaceTripper Ms. Whiskers Image FaceTripper Mr. Moustache Image FaceTripper Bug Eye Image FaceTripper Squeaky Image FaceTripper Mr. Moustache Image Swirly Image

Realtime Face Tracking Effects

Ten trippy effects that follow your face as you move it in realtime!
Get your friends in the shot because FaceTripper can follow multiple faces at a time. Family photos have never been this fun!

Mr. Moustache makes sure everyone gets a mustache. Its only proper, you see.

Bug Eyes makes you buggin'. No need for glasses with peepers like these.

With Master Mind, everyone can see how big brained you really are.

Ms. Whiskers is for all those cat lovers out there. You know who you are.

Download FaceTripper now to use these and all the other fun effects!

Share Your Pics Online

On Facebook? So is FaceTripper!
Post your trippy pics to Facebook with one click. FaceTripper also integrates with Apple's Mail Application, so you can easily share your pics with whoever! Or just freak out your grandma.

Coming Soon To FaceTripper

This is a brand new Mac App, so there are plenty of features planned. Here's just some of the features we planning for a future version of FaceTripper:

Have an idea for a new feature? Tell us about it.

FaceTripper Reviews

What FaceTripper users have to say in the Mac App Store :

★★★★★ "Fun photo time with friends" - emmyval

★★★★★ "LOVE IT!!!!" - LeClaireFun

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